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Powers Pet Emergency & Specialty

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Blood Donor Program

Sometimes pets need a blood transfusion, just like people.

To ensure that the pets we care for have fast, safe access to this lifesaving resource, Powers started our own blood donor program in 2012. Today, the program is so successful that we not only provide blood for the pets in our care, but also for pets at other hospitals in southern Colorado.

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About Our Donors

Happy and healthy dogs and cats can be a part of our donor program. They are carefully screened to meet certain eligibility requirements, outlined below under “How your pet can be a blood donor.”

Our donors are proud that with every donation they can save up to three lives. They (and their owners) also appreciate the “perks” of being a donor, which include:

  • A complimentary bag of Science Diet maintenance formulation food at each donation (a $40 value)

  • For our canine donors, a free 6-month supply of heartworm preventative (a $45 value per year)

Our Recipients

Hundreds of dogs and cats receive our blood products each year. Gratefully, most of these pets go on to survive the emergency conditions that necessitated a transfusion. We are so thankful to the donors (and the pet parents) in our community who make this possible.

Our Staff

The Powers blood donor team is led by Dr. Amanda Murrane. She works directly with our veterinary technicians to ensure that each donation is a pleasant experience for the donor pet, full of love and treats. Dr. Murrane examines each pet prior to donation to ensure the safety of the donor and our blood supply.

Our Blood Products

We not only supply Powers patients with lifesaving blood products when needed, but we also make these products available to the greater front-range veterinary community for their patients who need transfusions.

If you are a veterinarian in need of blood products for a patient, please call us at (719) 473-0482 for pricing and delivery details. This line is staffed 24/7.

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How Can Your Pet be a Blood Donor

Would you like your pet to be a lifesaving part of the Colorado Springs animal community?

Simply call to schedule an evaluation at any time. Screening includes filling out a brief questionnaire, and a small sample of blood will be drawn for testing.

Once your pet is cleared to be a donor, we’ll schedule their first donation. Donations are scheduled during regular business hours 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday. There are occasions when we experience an urgent need when a donor may be called in to help.

Donors must meet the following general requirements prior to the initial blood testing:

  • Cats and dogs 1 to 8 years of age

  • Cats must weigh at least 10 pounds, dogs must weigh at least 50 pounds

  • No underlying serious medical conditions (our team will discuss the medical conditions that may disqualify your pet)

  • Fully vaccinated

  • Spayed or non-bred female or neutered male

  • Dogs must be on a heartworm preventative (we provide six months of heartworm prevention for our canine donors at no charge)

  • Cats must be indoor-only and not exposed to outdoor cats

  • Your pet is available to donate up to 6 times per year (every 2 months)

Questions About Our Blood Donor Program?

Please call our clinic at any time, day or night at (719) 473-0482.